Hi, I'm Valerie.
A Marketer, Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Storyteller, Trainer and a passionate dreamer committed to helping you create changes in your personal and digital life.

2021 Digital Marketing Trends and Its Impact to the Real Estate Industry


Product Offerings

Introduction to Social Media Marketing

A two hour online class with focus on Facebook and its family of apps as a business tool. 

NLP and Copywriting

This module delves into how you can use this field of Psychology for your social media captions and website pages

Webinars That Work

Know how to produce your own webinar, take over Zoom hosting and try your luck at hosting. 

Facebook Ads Creation Workshop

This workshop is aimed to make you feel comfortable with Facebook Business Manager and all its functions.

This site is a product of my twenty years of combined work in marketing, business and NLP, with resources to help you in your own transformation.  It has downloads for self-paced learning.  You can also schedule team trainings for a more personal and direct experience.

3 | Why Not? Live and Love Local
Why Not?

Discover a selection of unique Filipino products at www.pinas-sadya.com or find out more about Valerie’s digital training masterclasses at www.valeriefischer.net.Embrace the power of uncertainties through various possibilities!

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