Mentor Mind Program



The Mentor Mind Program is a SMALL GROUP, 4-week learning course with coaching and consulting calls aimed at helping you build your digital business. It is a combination of taking online course PLUS having a sales and marketing + business coach at the same time.

While we sometimes think that digital is just social media, it really is much more complicated than that. Success comes first from the entrepreneur, his mindset, the way he/she looks at the world, the way the business owner’s brain is programmed. Then comes the understanding of the customers, clients, potential buyers before a relationship can even be built.

The Mentor Mind Program takes inspiration from how I built my two businesses as well as I how I managed other businesses from my 20 years in corporate. It is built on what I know about Brain Science and how this can be used for strategies and tactics

This program is unique and does not have anything like it in the world.


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